Join the team improving many biomedical research efforts by defining and validating the modified proteins they use daily

If a small start-up with big dreams is a place you think you would like to be a part of, send us your resume.  Let's see if we fit.

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Lab Administrator

Job Description:  The Lab Admin is the hub of the entire operation.  They are expected,in collaboration with the team, to know the what, where, when, how and why of all that occurs at MartinProtean and be able to enjoy it.

Responsibilities:  Our Lab Administrator is expected to manage our telephone and electronic correspondence, including quotes, purchase orders, invoices  and receipts.  The Lab Admin keeps the lab calendar and makes the  reagent and consumable purchases and handles the shipping, receiving, handling and stocking.  The Lab Admin receives, logs, and stores at the required temperatures the client samples.  Familiarity with office software is required as is willingness to work in a small start-up environment

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Scientist I: Protein Chemist

Job Description:  The Protein Chemist is our upstream pipeline.  They are expected, in collaboration with the team, to receive orders from the client and either generate reagents for shipping (with analysis) or convert client samples into material suitable for productive LCMSMS analysis.

Responsibilities:  Our Protein Chemist is expected to be fluent in protein (affinity, chelation, size-exclusion, ion-exchange etc., chromatography) and peptide (C18, Oasis HLB, mixed-mode and ion exchange SPE) purification, covalent modification (standard thiol and amine chemistries, sodium periodate oxidation of amino terminal serine, Huisigen 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions, etc.,) and peptide generation and handling (chemical cleavages, proteolyses, precipitations) protocols.

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Scientist I: Mass Spectrometrist

Job Description:  The Mass Spectrometrist is our downstream pipeline.  They are expected, in collaboration with the team, to receive samples generated by the protein chemist, subject them to the appropriate LCMSMS experiment, and produce the necessary data analysis for client reports.

Responsibilities:  Our Mass Spectrometrist is expected to be able to operate, maintain, and service nanoUPLC and ion trap mass spectrometry instruments, generate sample appropriate automated UPLC procedures, ionization, fragmentation, and detection mass spectrometry programs, perfom automated database searches, refine data collection, perform peak quantification and manual analyze spectra.